How to Transform Enemies Mid-Battle 

 July 8, 2018

By  kokororeflections

So you want to make a battle where the boss shapeshifts into his true form halfway through? Or the villain loses a piece of their gloriously ostentatious armor in the middle of the fight? We can transform enemies right in the middle of the battle, and we don’t need a plugin. (Although there’s a glittering array of various battle-ready plugins out there if you want them.)

All right, let’s get down to business here.

1. Set up your arena.

transform enemies

Here we have a, uh, lovely lair for our villain to dwell in. (He’s an orc, not an interior decorator, after all.)

(We probably don’t want orcs doing interior decorating anyway, but that’s beside the point. No matter how good a reality show it might make.)

2. Prepare your before and after phases of the villain in question.

For our demonstration, we’re just going to use the default orc and minotaur. We also decide we want bats to appear halfway through the battle…just to cause more problems for our heroes.

3. Set up your troop.

transform enemies

We add a new troop and give it a nice understandable name.

Then we add the bats and the orc. Right-click the bats and set them to “appear halfway.” The bats turn transparent.

4. Set the battle conditions and transform enemies.

transform enemies

Now, click the dots next to “don’t run.” Here, we’ll set up how the battle comes together.

Set the condition to “enemy HP” for the orc, and 50%. So as soon as the orc hits 50% of his HP, we’ll initiate the transform.

transform enemies

Now, we use the below space to tell the battle what to do when 50% is reached. The bats won’t show right away, so we need to tell the battle to show them now. (Enemy Appear and Enemy Transform are located on the third tab of the Event window.)

5. Make the battle playable

transform enemies

Add the battle into the villain’s event, then give it a try and see what happens!

transform enemies

transform enemies

It works!

Hope this helps you transform enemies more layered, complicated battles to give your game an additional layer of interest.

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