Compatible Game Engines and Tools

(That we know of.)


  • We are still in the process of adding widely compatible tilesets.  Be sure to check each tileset’s listing to ensure that they’ve actually been expanded for general use. (We’re doing our best to get these updated but it will take a while!)
  • Compatibility is determined by whether I was able to add the tileset to a project file and place tiles on a map. Any difficulties and incompatibilities that I noticed are noted below.
  • Theoretically speaking, the expanded versions of our tilesets should work with any engine that supports variable-width tilesets and customizable tile/cell sizes.
  • Because of the difficulty involved in animated tiles, they’re not guaranteed to work in your engine.  They are not provided by default but can be accessed in the RPG Maker version of the tilesets if you want to try them out.
  • RPG Maker A autotiles will probably not work as-is in your engine of choice, but many (Unity, Godot) have plugins that supposedly will bridge the gap.  We didn’t test these and cannot provide support for them. (To be clear, you’ll still get all these tiles in expanded versions, they just won’t automatically build their own edges.)
  • Event animations are designed for RPG Maker.  They might work in your engine, but we can’t guarantee it.
  • Feel free to rearrange the tiles if they don’t suit your workflow or engine preference.  We tried to make the tiles as easy to use as possible, but we understand that everyone works in different ways – you have permission to edit, just please don’t post your edits.  We do not plan to create additional tileset variations to support engines that require specific formats at this time.
  • I’m not an expert at any of these engines, so if you run into issues you’re way better off asking Google or looking up Youtube tutorials.

ENGINES: Good compatibility, not a lot of issues

RPG Maker – (our tilesets are actually designed for this.  All others are derivative. Will work with MV, MZ, VX, VXAce, and maybe XP with a little editing. Probably some of the others too, but I don’t use those and can’t comment on them.)

Godot – (moderately easy to implement, creating tilemap was easy, and so was creating tilesets, if a bit tedious. Experienced users probably know shortcuts to do this more quickly. Plugins are available to expedite the process, but we didn’t test them.)

Tiled – (fast and easy to implement. Some tiles behaved strangely on certain types of layers but not others…I’m chalking this up to personal ignorance on how Tiled layers behave.)

Gamemaker – (no known issues)

SRPG – (no known issues)

Unity – (may have to break the tileset into chunks to import, large ones seem to freeze on slicing operations. YMMV. Works otherwise.)

ENGINES: Only somewhat compatible, needs additional work

Wolf RPG – (works, but only if you’re willing to cut the tileset down to fit. Does not properly support alpha, so bush tiles, etc do not render in an attractive way. An experienced user may know how to get around this.)

ENGINES: Unable to confirm but may work

Unreal – (can’t download.  HIGHLY likely to work using Paper 2d.)

Tilesetter – (will probably work.  I don’t have access to a paid version, but the free version loaded the tilesets without issue.)

Solarus – (got tired of trying to figure out how to properly set the tileset up and quit. Tiles technically loaded. Someone with more patience can probably get it going.)

RPG Paper Maker – (cannot install, it gets stuck in an installer download loop. If anyone can determine compatibility, please let me know and I’ll update this.)

ENGINES: NOT (currently) compatible

EasyRPG (uses 16px tiles, plus its own tileset formatting)


If you know of another working engine, please let me know your experience and I’ll add it to the list!

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