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Kokoro Reflections’ Game Assets and Tiles – Usage Terms


Sure, go ahead and ask.

Our Free Stuff

So you want to use some of the free stuff we have here at KR for your game?  Great!  We only have a few terms and notes we’d like you to read first.

  • Please give credit to Kokoro Reflections (kokororeflections.com)
  • You may use our resources for any game, commercial or noncommercial, regardless of content, as long as you give credit.
  • Please DO NOT redistribute unedited assets to other websites without a link to the originals here.
  • If you make edits you would like to share, whether they’re frankensprited or just colorized/adjusted, please do not charge for them and please credit us as the original artists.
  • We’ve made these tiles and assets from scratch, so you can use them in ANY engine!

That’s it!  Enjoy your freebies!

Our Other Stuff

For our articles, photos and other resources, we ask that you do not use them for any purpose except personal reference without written permission.