RPG Maker MV Autotile Windows

rpg maker MV autotile windows

Today we have something a little different: RPG Maker MV autotile windows that can be made any width!  No more shifting tiles around just to try to fit premade windows. These are modern windows that work well for storefronts/shops.  One version has a shelf inside the window where you can overlay map items for sale if you want to.

There are a few things to know about these windows:

  • These go on an a3 sheet. (They may work with a4 too, but I haven’t tested it.)
  • They don’t extend over two tiles high very well.  If you need higher windows, I’d set two instances of the same window on the a3 sheet and stack them on top of each other, like panes.
  • The above should also work to make vertical panes, but they still won’t stack over two tiles high very well.
  • Depending on what tiles they’re against, you  may need to use shift+click mapping to retain the edges.

Shift-click mapping mini-tutorial:

  • Find an open area (like on a2 tiles) and draw out the window to the size you want to use. The autotiles should behave normally, with edges on every side.
  • Hold shift and right-click select the whole window.
  • Hold shift and left-click to stamp the window exactly where you want it.  When you do it this way, RPG Maker won’t alter the edges.
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Free RPG Maker MV Autotile Windows

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