How to Resize RPG Maker Windows…Without Breaking the EULA!

resize RPG Maker windows

When RPG Maker MV came out, with it came the possibility to make RPG Maker games that, well, had a window size bigger than a postage stamp. These days, for new games, you probably don’t need to resize RPG Maker windows by default.

But what about older, pre-MV games?

Even now, game makers are developing games in older engines…even 2003!

So, if we want to play these older games, we’re stuck with whatever window size the engine uses, right? And if we’re lucky, someone’s using Yanfly’s engine core to make windows a smidge larger, to 640×480. You can make games full-screen, but if you’re like me, you’re sometimes playing games while you chat, so full-screen is, at best, an annoying option. You can’t tell what’s going on anywhere else in your computer. Or, even worse, it crashes when you’re switching in and out of full-screen!

I’ve found another solution.  That solution is Sizer.

This tool hooks the RPG Maker window and allows for resizing to whatever size you tell it. I’ll show you how to set it up. It’s really easy.

1. Go download and install Sizer


(Simple, old-school sites have the neatest little tools. Small download sizes too. Just saying.)

2. Start Sizer


It’ll immediately go into the system tray and hang around in the background. Just go find the little plus-shaped icon and double-click it.

3. Tell Sizer what size to resize the window, then click “add”


It works best with an exact multiple of the window. If the game runs at 320×240, use 640×480 or another multiple. It will always be just a little blurry, but it’s much worse at irregular sizes, I found. If the resolution you want is already there, skip this step.

Fill in the info at the right, then click “add.” Your entry will be added to the left.

4. Start your game and right-click the title bar to apply Sizer.


Be sure to leave Sizer running, then start your game. If it defaults to full-screen, press alt+enter or F4 to switch out. Here’s where the fun happens – right-click the title bar of the window, click “Sizer” and then select the resolution you added earlier (or the one you want.) Voila, the window is now the size you wanted.

5. Keep Sizer running to resize RPG Maker windows however you want in the future.

From now on, just start Sizer before you play the game and it will remember the settings you gave it. Just right-click the title bar to change the resolution again.

Note: If you use another third-party tool with RPG Maker, like Tsukihime’s FPS Control, it probably won’t work while Sizer is active. (At least, it didn’t for me.)

This should give you much better control over your gaming experience! Do you have any other tools you like for window management? Comment below!

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