KR World of Candy Tileset for RPGs


Now available for multiple game engines! This tileset is sweet. No, really. Add a fun and nostalgic candy-filled land to your game! From pretzel gates and giant ice cream cones to cookie stacks and chocolate furniture, you can transform an average map into a confectionery wonderland.

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World of Candy Tileset Includes:

Ground tiles:

  • plain water (with and without “frosting grass” edge)
  • jelly roads in 4 colors
  • chocolate water
  • candy “lilypads”
  • rock candy paths
  • sour rainbow stripes
  • graham cracker tiles
  • candy bar tables and path
  • marshmallow treat tabletop
  • mint path
  • fences with candy corn, pretzels, peppermint sticks and more!

Wall Tiles:

  • candy dot roof
  • gingerbread roofs in peppermint, white and brown icing
  • frosting walls
  • candy bar walls
  • chocolate roofs
  • fancy gingerbread roof
  • striped candy awning
  • rock candy wall
  • jellybean wall
  • cake layer walls of several patterns (yellow cake with chocolate, chocolate with white frosting, and so on)
  • includes shadow-side roof tiles

Also includes:

  • pretzel and peppermint gateways
  • multiple candy edges for your buildings
  • lots of lollipops at multiple angles
  • chunks of rock candy
  • French macarons
  • gumball trees
  • frosting swirls
  • chocolate and candy themed furniture
  • diagonal walls
  • huge cupcakes, ice cream cones and cookies
  • ribbon candy
  • and one big doughnut bathtub.

Sample Maps (RPG Maker MV/MZ format)

Check out our samples if you need a little inspiration!

This Candy Tileset:


Comes in 48 and 32px


Has High Compatibility


Has Commercial Use Rights

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