KR Stone Quarry ~ Rock Tiles for RPGs


Available for multiple game engines! 

Tired of using the same three rocks and boulders on all your game maps?  Get ready to ROCK with our Stone Quarry tileset for RPG Maker, Unity, Godot, Tiled and more! 

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The Stone Quarry includes:

  • 8 unique files, each one crammed full of unique and interesting rocks
  • Every single rock is available in four colors – gold, gray, red and rainbow!
  • Each file has a shadowed and unshadowed version (for parallax mapmakers)
  • 64 files total!
  • 100+ small rocks
  • 30+medium rocks
  • 20+ large rocks
  • 5+ giant rocks/cliff faces
  • 50+ cave-themed rocks
  • nearly 20 “mushroom” rocks
  • 8 arches
  • 3 cave openings
  • A Stonehenge kit (with assembled pieces, plus separate versions so you can design it your own way!)

modern tileset

Need construction equipment to move these rocks?  Urban Modern has some.


Comes in 48 and 32px


Has High Compatibility


Has Commercial Use Rights

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