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KR Ruins Kit for RPGs


Available for multiple game engines!

Need a ruined version of one of our tilesets, but there’s no ruins in sight? Wreck it yourself! Drop this tileset into your game and stamp rough edges, damage and even fire animations to your heart’s content. Why wait for us to make a ruined version? Grab the Ruins Kit tileset for RPG Maker and more!

Check Our Terms of Use for This. NO NFTS!  Games only.  No exceptions!



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NOTE: This product is designed to work with tilesets in a “painted” rather than “pixelated” style, such as RPG Maker’s default tiles.  If you’re using a strict 8-bit or 16-bit style, this product will probably not work very well with it.  Wandering Souls Asylum, Urban Modern and RPG Maker default tiles not included – you will need your own tileset.

The Ruins Kit includes:

  • Dirt, crack and grunge overlays. 
  • Also included are overlays for walls in RPG Maker format…just copy and paste on your existing walls to age them!
  • Two styles of fog
  • Extra grass and weed autotiles
  • Lots of overgrowth and plants.  Includes large monstera plants that lend a slightly jungle look.
  • Vines you can drape all over the place.  They come in several angles so you can decorate corners, etc.
  • Holes.  Tons of holes, big and small.  Round, angled, corners, some with rocks, some without rocks, some with weeds growing out of them.  They fit tons of situations.
  • Smoke and dirt damage.  These tiles snug into corners or run along ceiling lines, giving extra depth and the appearance of a fire in the past.
  • Many different styles of cracks.  Instantly damage corners and even break out windows.
  • Spiderwebs
  • Dark splatters
  • Blood splatters
  • Graffiti
  • Bones, skulls, and even giant bones and skulls
  • Special upper wall and corner tiles make it easy to give the impression of broken stone.  Just layer them on top of your existing walls.  They automatically add shade and cracks to the underlying tile, aging it with no extra work.

Events and Animations (RPG Maker format, may work with your engine)

  • Is your town in the midst of attack?  Three sets of fire animations might help.  They come in small, medium and large animations, each with four styles. 
  • But you can’t have fire without smoke, so that’s included too, in four styles, plus heavier and thinner versions of the smoke.

The Ruins Kit:

Comes in 48 and 32px

Has High Compatibility

Has Commercial Use Rights

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