KR Mage’s Tower Tileset for RPGs


Available for multiple game engines!

Need a hideaway for magical shenanigans?  Why not try the Mage’s Tower for RPG Maker, Unity, Godot, Tiled and more!  Make your towers square, rounded or isometric…we’ve included tiles for all the above!  Plus interiors, magical crystals, spellrings and lots of other accessories to make your mage feel at home.


The Mage’s Tower tileset includes:

Ground tiles:

  • water tiles
  • grass and dirt tiles
  • wood floor
  • 5 purple rugs
  • 3 tile patterns
  • cobblestone path
  • bush and tall grass
  • table
  • fence
  • and more

Wall Tiles:

  • tan stone wall (one version with shadow)
  • purple stone wall (also with shadow)
  • 2 roofs with shadow side tiles

Also includes:

  • Stairs to match floors
  • Customizable shelving with many variations of books and magical objects – create your own magical library!
  • Stone fireplace
  • Single wide and double wide beds
  • Curtains
  • Small tables, chairs and counters
  • Several types of windows
  • Crystals!  Huge crystals, tiny crystals, and everything in between.  Comes in pink, blue and teal.
  • Houseplants with crystal blooms
  • Magical trinkets
  • Magic staffs
  • Spell rings
  • Planks, ropes, ladders and stairs
  • Prison bars
  • Cracks, broken glass and scattered rocks
  • Lots of trees and decorative plants, including planters
  • Various roof elements in two colors
  • Diagonal and rounded wall segments
  • and more!

Sample Maps (RPG Maker MV/MZ format)

Check out our samples if you need a little inspiration!

Events and Animations (RPG Maker format, may work with your engine)

Doors, crate, barrel, box and small fire animations!


03/19/2022 – Updated fire animation.

The Mage’s Tower Tileset:


Comes in 48 and 32px


Has High Compatibility


Has Commercial Use Rights

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