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KR Holy Saints Cathedral Tileset for RPGs + Wedding


Does your game need special tiles for its holiest spaces?  This cathedral-inspired tileset has all the pews, altars, sculptures and stained glass your saints could ask for.

A1, A2, and A4 tiles featuring:

  • Over 10 fancy walls
  • grass and ground tiles
  • animated water and waterfall
  • 12 types of flooring
  • fences
  • and more!

Other tiles featuring:

  • pews
  • church organ
  • fancy doors
  • 16 stained glass pieces (with night/day variations)
  • sculptures
  • lots of architecture pieces
  • and more!


Is somebody getting hitched?  Get the wedding  mini-tileset as well as well so your characters can get married in style!


  • flower petal autotiles
  • autotile table with white tablecloth
  • decorative hedges
  • lots of foliage with white flowers
  • bows and sashes
  • fully decorated gazebo
  • arches
  • altars
  • cake, candles and the rest!

Includes 48×48 and 32×32 versions of all tiles.  Designed for RPG Maker MV/MZ/VX/Ace.  May work with your engine of choice but we offer no guarantees.  See our FAQ for more info. Includes commercial use rights.


These tilesets are completely original artwork.

Use in any engine!

If you can make it work in your engine of choice, you're welcome to use these tiles there.

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