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Available for multiple game engines!

Redecorate all your modern houses!  With the Modern Suites tileset for RPG Maker and more, you’ll get enough furniture to add a unique look to your homes.  10 styles available!  

Check Our Terms of Use for This. NO NFTS!  Games only.  No exceptions!



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The Modern Suites tileset includes:

10 designs to suit many tastes:

  • Semi-formal – neutral tones and curved edges, with an understated touch of elegance.
  • Hi-Contrast – stark black and white with a pop of purple for linens.
  • Olive Study – a deeper and more thoughtful color pattern, with pinstripes on wood furniture and tufted seating.
  • Cheery Sunflower – Perfect for high-energy, cutesy characters.  Bright yellow seating and medium wood tones with dark chalkboard-colored accents.
  • Candy – And if Cheery Sunflower didn’t have enough energy, Candy will.  Bright purple furniture and pink seating, with glass fronts on some cabinets.
  • Geometry – Sporting a style slightly reminiscent of Asian designs, this clean but detailed set would look good against very simple walls.
  • Simple Rustic – Heavy wood furniture that would be home in a cabin.  Includes blue beds and simple but plush seating.
  • Retro Vibe – This white and brown panel furniture reminds of a mid 20th century aesthetic.  Paired with salmon-colored, curved seating.
  • Charcoal Minimal – Another understated set, Charcoal Minimal is a good choice if you want other objects to take center stage.
  • Mint and Strawberry – Another cutesy set, but this one is toned down.  Very feminine characters will be at home with this set.

Mix and match for totally new possibilities!

Included in each suite:

  • Table with customizable width
  • Small table of the same design
  • Couches (some can be changed to be longer or shorter.  4 directions)
  • Large chairs (4 directions)
  • Dining/small chairs (4 directions)
  • Beds in single and double width
  • Matching lamp
  • Nightstand/endtable or small footrest (depends on set)
  • East-west facing shelves so those walls won’t look empty!
  • Entertainment center
  • Two styles of small cabinet/dresser
  • Two sets of bookcases, one with books, the other with decor items
  • Desk
  • Cabinet and large dresser (drawers vs doors vary between sets)

The Modern Suites Tileset:

Comes in 48 and 32px

Has High Compatibility

Has Commercial Use Rights

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