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KR Elemental Dungeon Statues Tileset for RPGs


Twelve elemental statues, a great match for our Elemental Dungeon set!  Suitable for general decoration, elements for your dungeons, or the temple of whatever local religion your game has.

Check Our Terms of Use for This. NO NFTS!  Games only.  No exceptions!



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Fire, Ice, Wind, Lightning and More! Shown with Elemental Dungeon Set and Tuscan Seaside Set.

  • 12 total statues
  • Two files – one gray base, one tinted base to match our Elemental Dungeon Set
  • Includes Fire, Water, Lightning/Electricity, Earth, Wind, Ice, Light/Holy, Dark/Evil/Death, Cosmic, Metal, Flora, Time
  • All figures are female, posing next to crystal orbs.
  • They occupy a 3×4 space in 48px tiles.

See our FAQ for more info.  Commercial use rights included.

Comes in 48 and 32px

Has High Compatibility

Has Commercial Use Rights