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KR Cyberpunk Tileset for RPGs


Create your dark and dystopian future with our Cyberpunk set!  Whether you need a brilliantly neon metropolis or a trash-filled futuristic alley, this set can handle it.  Customizable signage, a huge variety of walls and floors, and tons of accessory tiles will up your cyberpunk game.



Neon water in two colors for bright areas, purple water for the more subdued ones.  Comes with matching waterfalls!


Grates, concrete, circuit walls, neon honeycombs, “crystal” walls and more.  Plus, plenty of neon lines, grunge and trash autotiles to add extra depth.  And, of course, laser fences.


Basically all the stuff we couldn’t cram onto the A4.  Plenty of ruined walls, roofs, and shadow-side roofs.  Most of these are dingy and dirty.


The stuff that didn’t overflow onto the A3.  These cleaner walls range from subdued grates and plain walls to neon-striped walls that will definitely get attention.  There’s more than enough to add tons of variety to your cityscapes.

B featuring:

  •  A quarter of the sheet is dedicated to neon signage alone.  We added a version with a symbol font…then made a duplicate with blank signs so you can localize them.  If you like the font we used though, it’s included!  (By permission of the original artist.)
  • tons of glowing stripes and lines to add tons of lights and detail to your ground.
  • Trash.  Tons of trash and graffiti.
  • Artificial “trees” because, well, real trees just don’t have that cyberpunk flair.  (We included some anyway.)
  • plus more!

C featuring:

  • Shelves and server racks
  • lots of doors
  • 5 windows in two lighting styles
  • office supplies
  • interior furniture in both pristine and run-down styles
  • appliances

D featuring:

  • exterior goodies like hanging cables (with neon lights)
  • chain link fence
  • more doors and windows
  • adjustable bridges
  • lighting
  • road barricades
  • telephone poles
  • glow strips for roads
  • a few trees
  • and more!

E featuring:

  • basically everything we couldn’t cram on all the prior sheets
  • vending machines
  • shop supplies
  • prison (two styles!)
  • more office supplies
  • broken windows, holes, grunge and more
  • stadium lighting
  • and more!

Sample Maps

Check out our samples if you need a little inspiration!

Combine with Modern Interiors to extend your set’s possibilities even further!

Includes 48×48 and 32×32 versions of all tiles.  Designed for RPG Maker MV/MZ/VX/Ace. May work with your engine of choice but we offer no guarantees.  See our FAQ for more info.  Commercial use rights included.


These tilesets are completely original artwork.

Use in any engine!

If you can make it work in your engine of choice, you're welcome to use these tiles there.

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