KR Crystal Castle Crystal Tileset for RPGs


Now available for multiple game engines!

A palace carved from brilliant gems! These colorful but moody tiles are a great backdrop for dramatic story points. Comes in Sapphire, Emerald, Amethyst, Ruby and Topaz. And if that’s not enough, we also threw in 7 animation sheets with doors, a unique treasure chest, and sparkles to light up your magical creation.

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This Crystal Tileset Includes (in ALL FIVE COLORS):

Ground tiles:

  • simple crystal ground and brighter path
  • large crystal tiled pattern
  • crystal “rug” pattern
  • chunky crystal path
  • crystal grass
  • crystal fences
  • and more! 15 crystal patterns in total.

Wall Tiles:

  • Includes wall versions of all the floors.  Mix and match to make pillars, etc!

Also includes:

  • stairs that match the floors/walls
  • benches
  • altar
  • doors
  • pillars
  • crystal pieces
  • spikes
  • lion statues
  • swan statues
  • crystal orb
  • candlesticks and other small decorations
  • male and female statues
  • architectural pieces
  • 16 stained glass pieces to match each color
  • and more!

Sample Maps (RPG Maker MV/MZ format)

Check out our samples if you need a little inspiration!

Events and Animations (RPG Maker format, may work with your engine)

4 door events (with variations), treasure chest animation, and several styles of sparkles.

This Crystal Tileset:


Comes in 48 and 32px


Has High Compatibility


Has Commercial Use Rights

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