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KR Alien Worlds Alien Tileset for RPGs


Available for multiple game engines!

Explore a mysterious new world for RPG Maker, Unity, Godot, Tiled and more!  Ancient technologies and exotic landscapes await in this alien tileset!

This Alien Tileset Includes:

Ground Tiles:

  • Glowing purple water
  • Lava
  • Crystal accents – big chunky crystals or more subtle textures
  • Blue grass
  • Dirt, stone, and grate floors
  • honeycomb floor
  • Grunge tiles
  • and more!

Includes new, more natural path edges!


4 alien walls (with glow), 4 natural rock/brick walls, 3 crystal walls, and a starfield wall for windows.

Also featuring:

  • A whole file full of glowing purple crystals.  Tons of ’em. (Not the same as the ones in Deep Ocean!)
  • A whole file full of exotic plant life.  Not much like anything you’ll see on this planet!
  • Two files of nothin’ but alien technology!  Over a hundred completely new and unique pieces!  And most of it glows.  Cool.

Sample Maps (RPG Maker MV/MZ format)

Check out our samples if you need a little inspiration!

This tileset would go great with our Ultimate Sci-Fi Frontiers tileset!

The Alien Worlds alien tileset includes 48×48 and 32×32 versions of all tiles.  You will receive tilesets formatted for RPG Maker, plus other sheets suitable for use in any engine that can use variable width tilesets. 

See our list of engines we’ve tested here, plus information on compatibility. 

See our FAQ for more info.

Commercial use rights included.


These tilesets are completely original artwork.

Use in any engine!

If you can make it work in your engine of choice, you're welcome to use these tiles there.

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