Spirit of Asia - Tileset for RPG Maker MV/MZ/Ace!

Inspiration from the East!

Making a game set in historical Asia?  Or just looking for something a little different than the average fantasy tiles? This tileset is full of Asian design elements.

6 Sheets Included

(Note: This is an "inspired" tileset and is not intended to accurately represent a historical Chinese, Japanese or other Asian setting.  But it's still fun for fantasy stories!)

See Them in Action!

Town and Shrine Tiles Included

Lots of building elements to keep your building interiors looking fresh and different - The building materials can easily be extended into other kinds of structures, too!  Make a peaceful pathway through blooming trees or a mysterious shrine.



Lots of water and waterfalls!


Floor mats, wood floors, lots of ground types, rock paths and high grass, plus 3 tables, 3 matching fences and ground covers! 


Lots of clean, white walls that mix and match really well.  You get 8 walls total, plus 8 matching roofs, including tile and thatch.

B featuring:

  •     torii gates and fences
  •     bridges
  •     large waterwheel (non-event)
  •     Eastern-style dragon statues
  •     pots and vases
  •     matching furniture
  •     and more!


Lots of decorative foliage, including trees in bright, colorful bloom!


Lots of wall panels and doors to add extra decorative flair.

Sample Maps

A few ideas to get you started with your own creations!

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