Sky Palace - Heavenly Tileset For RPG Maker MV/MZ/Ace!

Take to the Skies!

Whether your game takes place in a city in the sky or you need a home base for your angels, this new tileset will be heavenly.   Borrows heavily from Grecian style elements. But then we made 'em gold.  Because shiny makes it better.  Always.

Lots of shine.

Plus parallaxes to help set the mood.

See Them in Action!

Halos Optional.

Highly detailed and crafted with both gold and silver versions, these tiles can create intricate and unique spaces for your angels and other winged folk to roam.



Lots of water and waterfalls, plus a new cloud animation!


Lots of lovely, delicate floor patterns in silver, gold and tile.  Some are even transparent, letting your parallax shine through.  You get 25 ground patterns (including a grass edge), 4 elegant tables, and two fancy fences.


2 wall patterns in 3 colors (six total) give your fancy gold elements room to shine!  Plus, you get 4 autotile bookcases to make your Sky Palace seem even more sophisticated.

B in two colors:

Here's the shiny.  This page is stuffed full of bling, from gold columns and staircases to chandeliers and statues. Fancy edges finish off your palace's look.


A page full of matching foliage.  If you're not feeling the ordinary green or pink trees, try out the pure gold ones instead.


A few interior extras, including dishes and wall lighting.


4 moody parallaxes: cloudy sky, starry night, dark clouds, and brilliant sunset.

Sample Maps

A few ideas to get you started with your own creations!

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(We're in the process of rebuilding our store and not all items are available yet, but it's still ok to order!  Thank you for your patience. If you need a full catalog, please check out our account until we're done.)

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