Free RPG Maker Modern Tiles

free rpg maker modern tiles

Do your city maps need something extra? If you’re not happy with cars that are the same size as your player characters (really?), the same old boring statues, or windows that don’t fit the space you want to fill, grab this bundle of free RPG Maker modern tiles.  We’ve added a bunch of more realistically-proportioned modern items and events, to help your game maps stand out from the rest.  Designed for RPG Maker MV/MZ but should scale easily for VX/Ace/others.

Need a full set of matching tiles?  Check out our Urban Modern Tileset!  You’ll get A2, A4, and B-E sheets full of more stuff like roads, playgrounds and construction equipment to make your city maps shine – and everyone knows shiny is good. (Just ask crows.)

The Free RPG Maker Modern Tiles include:

Swimming Pool (Usable – you can actually put characters in it.)

Wrecked Car

rpg maker MV autotile windows

Autotile Windows

free animated cars trucks

Car and Truck Events (each in 8 colors)

eagle statue

Eagle Statue

Fancy Door

Animated Garage Door

Animated Toll Gate

I Want These!


Keep an eye out, because we’re adding new freebies all the time.  (You can also join our newsletter to get updates when we release new freebies and tilesets.)

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