Free RPG Maker Mansion Tiles 

 October 19, 2020

By  kokororeflections

free rpg maker mansion tiles

Want to make your manors look as luxurious as they're supposed to be?   This collection of free RPG Maker mansion tiles is for you.  Fancy seating, grand staircases and elegant mirrors await.  (And let's not forget that giant gold birdcage.)  It's more Victorian than fantasy aesthetic, but should be at home in either setting.  Designed for RPG Maker MV/MZ but should scale easily for VX/Ace/others.

Want to build an even fancier mansion?   This just might help. A robust collection of walls, furniture and building exteriors that'll make your game look as rich as it is.

Free RPG Maker Mansion Tiles include:

free rpg maker mansion tiles

Huge Bird Cage

Layered so you can put events in it.

Fancy Cabinet

free rpg maker mansion tiles

Curtained Window

free RPG Maker mansion tiles

Dry Sink

Really just a fancy cabinet, if you're wondering.  One version has a quilt.

free rpg maker mansion tiles

Another Cabinet

Bigger.  Fancier.  (We think?  Maybe?)

free rpg maker mansion tiles

Fancy Couch

Grand Staircase

With and without rug.

Animated Hourglass


Magic Mirror


Mansion Tile Bundle


Keep an eye out, because we're adding new freebies all the time.  (You can also join our newsletter to get updates when we release new freebies and tilesets.)

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