Free RPG Maker Lighting Kit 

 November 9, 2020

By  kokororeflections

Need dramatic effects for your maps? Grab your lighting plugin and drop these pre-made RPG Maker lighting effects for a quick boost.

Includes 9 lighting patterns in 3 types (God-rays, pillar lights, and fairy lights), made extra-large so you can trim them to fit your maps.  Also includes layered PSDs so you can alter them in any way you see fit.  Don't like the heavy glow around the rays?  It's on a layer of its own.  Want to add bright color?  The power's yours.  

See the included TXT file for more info on how to make the rays a good fit for your game's style. 

Lighting Kit examples:

Need more lighting effects?  We have them! Grab our Lighting Kit to add sparkles, shadows, rainbows and tons more lighting effects to your game.  Comes in 9 colors, plus rainbows - there's a color for every game!


Free Lighting Kit


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