Free RPG Maker Fantasy Tiles 

 September 27, 2020

By  kokororeflections

Need something a little different for your fantasy setting? Tired of the default RPG Maker RTP statues? Whether your dungeons need something new for a special puzzle or your forests need a little bit of mysterious flair, this bundle of free fantasy RPG Maker tiles should have something you can use. We even included some multicolored walls, some animated gems and orb events, and a windmill ready to animate. Designed for MV/MZ but should scale easily for VX/Ace/others.

Need a full set of fantasy tiles?  Check out our fantasy collection!  Good stuff for dungeons, hideouts, mystical forests and more.

Free RPG Maker Fantasy Tiles include:

Elemental Fantasy Free Tiles

Mostly suited for things like dungeons, puzzles and so on.  Most tiles come with multiple colors.

Crystal Dungeon Mini-Set

Includes a crystal wall autotile, various crystals with glow animations, a pillar, and animated dragon statue!

Animated Orb Statues

16  colors to choose from.

Elemental Door Lock

Comes with key unlock animation.

large jewel clock

Elemental Jewel Clock

Comes with jewel events.

Elemental Jewel Tree

Lots of colors, plus it comes in pieces so you can design your own sets.

gem statues for RPG Maker

Gem Statues

Newly updated with redrawn gems.

Teardrop Tree

Each branch is event-ready and comes with corresponding jewels.

rainbow autotile walls

Rainbow Walls

The retro vibe is strong.

free beds for RPG Maker

Rainbow Beds

There's 40 of 'em.

warrior statues for rpg maker

Warrior Statues

Defending that temple proudly.

Fairy Tale Fantasy

This set is intended for use in forests and natural landscapes.  

Clock Tree

The clock hands are separate so you can define what time you want to show.

Lamp Post

Separate pieces so you can assemble your own version.

Tall Lamp Post


Tall Orb Statue

Kind of interesting.  Kind of eerie.  Kind of eye-like.

Fairy Tale Windmill

Ready to animate.

Mushroom House

IMPROVED!  One version has vines, one doesn't.


Elemental Fantasy


Fairy Tale Fantasy


Keep an eye out, because we're adding new freebies all the time.  (You can also join our newsletter to get updates when we release new freebies and tilesets.)

Not what you need?  We have other free tiles and bundles, why not take a look?

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