Free – Old-Fashioned Ship for RPG Maker MV and Ace

Where’s a good ship when you need one?  Today we have a custom parallax pirate ship for RPG Maker, to suit all your nautical adventures.  Whether you’re setting sail to find treasure or pirates in search of trouble to cause, this ship should fit your needs.

Not using RPG Maker?  Totally okay; you’re still welcome to use this.  If your game engine supports oversized sprites, you may be able to use it that way, too!  (Just know that we can’t provide support for other engines if you run into trouble.)

It comes in two pieces (so the sails and masts can overlap the characters) and is easily used as a parallax element or with an overlay script/plugin.

Would fit well with our Deep Ocean Tileset.

➡️ Now available in our free ocean tileset bundle.

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