Got questions?


What if I want a refund?

You can get a refund.  We just ask that you give us the chance to make the problem right first.  If you have an issue with your tiles, don’t be shy – let us know so we can fix it and make the tilesets better for everyone!  Contact us with the details.  But if we can’t make it right, we’ll get you a refund for sure – there’s no risk associated with your purchase.

How may I use these tiles? Are there restrictions?

You may use them in any game, freeware or commercial.  The only restriction is that you are not allowed to repost or sell the tiles themselves, whether edited or not, on any website.  This is a violation of the Terms of Use.

May I make edits to the tiles?

Yes, that’s fine!

Can I use these in an unlimited number of games/projects?

You bet!  You’re buying lifetime usage of these tiles.  You may also use these in projects where you’re part of a larger team.

Can I use these with other game engines?

Yes, if they support 48x48px or 32×32 tiles!  Since these graphics are not related to RPG Maker default assets in any way, there are no legal reasons you can’t use them in any engine you wish!  Just be aware that many of the tiles are in RPG Maker’s “autotile” format and may require additional processing before you can use them with your engine of choice. (Note: we probably won’t do this for you due to a large work backlog.)

Will these work with RTP?

Some of the older sets work passably well with RTP.  The newer sets have diverged a fair bit in style and are really too detailed for that purpose.  With a little adjustment, they MIGHT work but we offer no guarantee.  Won’t hurt to try, though!

Do I need to credit KR if I use these tile packs?

No credit is necessary for paid tiles. Free tiles require credit, though.

I found a problem with my tiles!

Contact us with the details.  If it’s our fault, we’ll fix it and get the new tiles updated for everyone ASAP.

I need tiles for a non-MV/MZ version of RPG Maker.

All tilesets have 32x32px versions as well as 48×48 by default.  (And let us know if you need both but didn’t get them for some reason.)

Do you do commissions?

We currently can’t take custom commissions because of a huge tileset queue.  Sorry about that!  But feel free to send us your requests, we choose future tilesets based on demand and each request is a vote!




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