Free Fairy Tale Lantern Tree

fairy tale lantern tree

If you can doodle sprites, these are just doodles.  I’m not sure if anyone really NEEDS a fairy tale lantern tree (is that even a thing?) but…you know…it’s colorful and lights stuff up, so.  I left the elements separate and colorized them so you can make whatever you actually want.  The base is kinda interesting.

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Fairy Tale Lantern Tree



Elemental Dungeon Tiles for RPG Maker MV

Need to whip up a dungeon in a hurry? Tired of piecing together tile sets from random stuff you found online?  Get back to working on your game ASAP with our tile packs!

Check out a small sample of the possibilities!

See it in action!

Wide Variety of Tiles

Your game deserves a unique look that you just can't get from RPG Maker's default tiles.  We've included a ton of tiles to make that a reality. A2-4 + B-E Tiles included. Can be scaled to work with VX Ace and others.

Contains extra-large statues and unique pieces!

​The good stuff you need to make dungeons to house your magical world-saving crystals, hide out your villains and more!


  • 4 A2 sheets (one for each element) which includes multiple ground types, cracks, crystal autotiles and more (depending on element)
  • 15 A4 walls
  • B-E Sheets with hand-drawn:

   - pillars

   - massive dragon head statues

   - torches and crystals

   - magic rings

   - bridges

   - doors

   - windows

   - thrones for your villain

  • And more!

RPG Maker Elemental Dungeon Tiles

Get the entire Elemental Dungeon set, with all 9 sheets, including A2-A4 and B-E sheets.  Includes commercial use rights.


Got questions?

How may I use these tiles? Are there restrictions?

Can I use these in an unlimited number of games/projects?

Can I use these with other game engines?

Will these work with RTP?

Do I need to credit KR if I use these tile packs?

I found a problem with my tiles!

​I need tiles for a non-MV version of RPG Maker.

​Do you do commissions?

Digital product with immediate delivery.

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