Sorry for no updates recently, guys. ^^;; BUT, I do FINALLY have a working oekaki to use! It still needs to be tested, so anyone who has a little bit of time on your hands, feel free to play around with it some and let me know if you find any bugs in it or not. :) Thanks a lot, everyone!

Posted on 25 Jan 2008 by calbhach
New stuff!
Well, here's some new dolls, under the female dollmaker. ^^ All of these are fan characters that'll only have significance to me and a few other people, but whatever. XD; They're all from a Legend of Zelda RP, so here goes.

Antonia Chanarde
Palette Wei
Saria Taimi (My version of Saria)
Zelda (My version of Zelda)

Have fun. ^^

Posted on 12 Dec 2007 by calbhach
Yay! New stuff!
Well, I've got three new men added in to KR's dollmaker; first is Cloud (FF7), Vaati (my own rendition of Vaati from Legend of Zelda), and my own character named Vandam.

Sorry for all of the slow updates, everyone. So busy...=o=

Posted on 07 Dec 2007 by calbhach
HUGE update! ^__^
Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know that I've got a huge update for you today. ^^ There are six new characters:

Tess (The Traveller's Guide)
Din (My version of Din from Legend of Zelda)
Nayru (My version of Nayru from Legend of Zelda)
Farore (My version of Farore from Legend of Zelda)
Zola (A fan character for a Legend of Zelda RP)
Saria, as a Zora (Also for a Legend of Zelda RP)

And there will be more coming soon! Hope you all have fun. :)
Posted on 20 Oct 2007 by calbhach
Hey there, everyone. ^^ Just a quick update to let you know that I've added a newsletter to the site. Anyone who wants to know by email when there are updates to the site, just sign up and when I make an update, I'll be sure to let you know. :)

Happy dollmaking~
Posted on 17 Oct 2007 by calbhach
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